Snaptube: Youtube Video Downloader & Mp3 Converter

These days there are so many awesome videos and music online on sites like YouTube. It’s easy to watch them by streaming, but sometimes you want to save them to enjoy offline too. This is where SnapTube comes in very handy.SnapTube is an app that lets you download videos from YouTube and also convert videos into MP3 music files. So you can use SnapTube to save videos to watch later without internet. And you can use it to get just the audio track of videos to listen to anywhere as music.For anyone who really likes certain online videos or songs and wants to have them offline, SnapTube is the perfect tool. It makes it easy to download the exact videos you want and convert them into MP3s so you can replay content you love even without an internet connection. SnapTube allows you to access your favorite multimedia content offline anytime.

Why SnapTube?

SnapTube is the leading Android video downloader enabling users to save videos from YouTube, Facebook Instagram and more. With an intuitive interface SnapTube makes downloading online videos music and podcasts simple and fast. Users can select video resolutions up to 4K and MP3 quality up to 320kbps. Downloads can be managed in playlists and shared on other apps. SnapTube is free easy to use and doesnt require registration. For social media scrollers music aficionados and casual viewers alike SnapTube is the go-to app for saving videos anytime, anywhere. Avoid internet disruptions and data overages by stocking your device with content from your favorite YouTube creators and channels using SnapTube.

How to Use SnapTube?

Using SnapTube to download videos is quick and easy. First search for any video you want to save using the apps built-in browser. Tap the download icon next to a video to select it. Choose video quality up to 4K or audio format like MP3. Videos are saved to your device storage. Organize downloads into playlists to find them easily. Access downloads in the app through the media library tab. Share downloaded content with other apps or social media if desired. With a simple user friendly interface SnapTube allows seamlessly saving videos music, and more for anytime offline viewing. Back up your favorite YouTube content or download videos to watch during your commute SnapTube makes capturing online videos effortless.

How to Convert videos to Mp3 in Snaptube?

Want to save just the audio track from a YouTube or Facebook video to your phone? The Snaptube app makes converting clips into MP3 music files super easy.

Start by searching for the video containing the song or audio you want to extract. Select the video from results to open it.

Tap the download icon to save the video to your device. Open Snaptube’s Library section and find the video in your download history.

Slide left on the video thumbnail then tap the three dots menu to open conversion options. Select Convert to audio file.

Pick MP3 for format and select video quality. Tap Convert and Snaptube will process and extract just the audio in seconds.

Your new MP3 will be saved in the Audio section. Now you can listen to your clip as an audio track or music file without having the video portion!

So the next time you want to save the soundtrack or audio from viral streaming clips, let Snaptube handle the conversion process in just taps.

Download and Install

Installing SnapTube to download videos on your Android phone is quick and easy. First, use your web browser to go to and tap “Download APK” to get the latest SnapTube app file. Be sure to enable installing apps from unknown sources in your phone’s settings first. Once the APK file is downloaded, open it and follow the prompts to install SnapTube. It will create an app icon on your home screen for easy use. No signup or login required – just tap the SnapTube Youtube Downloader icon to start saving videos from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and more! Since it’s installed directly, you don’t have to wait for SnapTube to be approved on the Google Play Store. Now you can conveniently download videos anytime to watch offline.

Search for Content

Finding videos to download with SnapTube is easy. Open the app and tap the search bar at the top. Type in any keywords related to the type of content you want, like a song name, artist, video title or topic. Hit enter to see results. Scroll through the videos that appear and tap one to preview it. Use filters like duration, quality, and file type to refine results. Tap the download icon on videos you want to save offline. The built-in SnapTube browser makes searching YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and more a breeze. Whether looking for music, tutorials, sports highlights or more, SnapTube’s search finds relevant videos to download for offline viewing anytime. With a few taps, you can quickly find and save online videos you care about most for convenient repeated viewing.

Choose Quality and Format

When downloading videos with SnapTube you can select the quality and file format. Tap the download icon next to a video first. A popup will appear showing quality options up to 4K for the highest resolution. Choose lower quality like 720p if you want smaller file sizes. For just the audio, select MP3 quality up to 320kbps. The original format will download by default. Changing to MP4 or M4A for videos and songs allows playback across more devices. Adjusting formats and quality helps manage storage space while optimizing for how you plan to use the download. Get videos in high-def for enjoying on a big screen. Or choose smaller MP3s to save just the songs from music videos. Selecting the optimal settings ensures your SnapTube downloads meet your viewing needs.


SnapTube is the top app for downloading YouTube videos to watch offline. With this downloader e you can save videos in high-quality formats up to 4K resolution. It lets you convert and save YouTube videos as MP3s too. This makes it perfect for getting songs and music. It works great for learning and education too. Save tutorial or lesson videos to watch without internet. It is also good for entertainment – download funny clips game playthroughs, or movie trailers to watch during your commute or when traveling. SnapTube offers a simple way to access YouTubes huge library of content offline. The downloading and conversion features make it the go-to app for music listeners learners and casual video watchers alike.

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